Electrifying Your Riding Passion

DYNAM GROUP, signifies a strong foundation that was laid more than 4 decades ago, way back in 1978, by our Founder Chairman, Late Shri. S. D. Joshi. This journey of service to the Automotive Industry, has continuously motivated and inspired us, in our passion to venture into the unknown for Futuristic Global Technology of highest standards. We at DYNAM, are guided by the strong philosophy of “PARTNERS FIRST” where ‘Partner’ means all stake holders including Customers, Vendors, Employees, Financers and the entire Society at large.

With a futuristic vision, DYNAM, signifies a safe and convenient electrified ride for all. This is the resultant of the right blend of progressive contribution of novel technology and innovation. All this is inspired with an objective to save our mother earth from pollution and support in conservation of the fast depleting resources of conventional energy like petrol or diesel. DYNAM has come up with electric 2 Wheelers that are environment friendly and efficient.

Mobilize Yourself With The Ultimate

DYNAM Electric 2 Wheelers will take you to the path of mobility through sustainable energy for centuries to come. With innovative and revolutionary technology, DYNAM Electric 2 Wheelers are a solution to reduced emissions and increased efficiency.

DYNAM, is a passionate amalgamation of growth with eco-friendly and eco-efficient technology. Cruise comfortably and hassle free, with the unique features and performance of DYNAM Electric 2 Wheelers while contributing to the preservation of our planet.

At par with the highest global standards, DYNAM Electric 2 Wheelers deliver the best quality modern & retro look styling with safe, comfortable speed and 100% adaptability to the Indian conditions.

The focal idea of DYNAM is to take the present of the nation towards a sustainable and innovative future through electric 2 wheel mobility and thus save our earth from extermination.

The second generation, Mr. Abhijit Joshi, Chairman and MD of DYNAM GROUP, has continued taking the company to new heights with Continuous Technical Up-gradation and Growth. Technology with Zero Compromise on Quality is his Mantra.



Expand Business through Continuous Improvement, Uncompromised Quality & Technology Upgradation, to become the Preferred Manufacturer for Domestic & Global Customers.


Contribute to the society by giving Value for Money Products with latest Global Technology and at the same time preserving the Nature.


Create an Impact in Electric 2 Wheeler segment by following highest standards of Business Ethics, Transparency, Reliability, and providing Quality Products through Continuous Improvement & Upgradation.


Take a ride on the future of bikes

Fast Mode of Travel

Go miles with one charge. Make your life easier with the future of bikes. A new way of speedy transport is here. Let a smooth and fast ride begin.

Modish and Robust

A bike for every rider and every road. An unstoppable work of engineering, the e-bikes are stylish, strong and easy to use.

Low on Maintenance

With less maintenance, e-bikes are cheaper in the prolonged usage. You don’t have to worry about any other running costs.

Reduced Carbon Footprints

Go further, go faster, go green. Switch to an electric bike & lower the carbon footprints. Ride it, live it, love it.

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